Focus on us

Test Track Service

With 13 high-standard test tracks and complete auxiliary facilities and services, we could fully meet customer’s road test requirements:


T1 Access Road
T5 Dynamic Platform
T9 Test Hills
T2 Straight Performance Track
T6 NVH Test Track
T10 Dry-handling Track
T3 Pass-by Noise Track
T7 High Speed Oval
T11 Wet Circle
T4 Straight Braking Track
T8 Fatigue Track
T12 Wet-handling Track

T13Durability Track

General Service Zone

Equipped with offices, hotel, gym, parking lots, public workshop, confidential workshop, VIP workshop. 

Energy Center & Control Center

Equipped with gas station, EV-Charging station, loading workshop, 45-meter control center and customer-rest-area.

Contact Email: customerservice@catarc.ac.cn

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