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Introduction of CPG Intelligent Network Vehicle Test

Our intelligent network vehicle testing team has rich autopilot ground management experience, thorough testing service progress, professional testing evaluation skills. Meanwhile our team focus on the R&D of scenario construction, evaluation methods and testing target. We could also assist customer on the regulatory tests.



Besides our high-standard PG, we also have one semi-closed testing zone. The zone has testing tracks over 5.2km, with the longest straight section in 1.6 km, including T-junction block, crossroads and many classic traffic situation. Meanwhile, we have built facility like simulated tunnel, simulated rain and fog, high accuracy mapping and other network testing situation.

Generally, we could provide ADAS tests, autopilot tests, V2X tests, ensure the diversity of testing environment and traffic scene. In combination of our proactive security equipment, we will satisfy our customer’s requirement on intelligent network vehicle.


Semi-closed Testing Zone


Autopilot Flexible Scene

Contact Email: icvtest@catarc.ac.cn

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